HanaTour is the largest travel company in Korea providing travel service with over 3,200 employees nationally and internationally and we are the best travel company ranked top in international travel and air ticket sales for 15 consecutive years.
HanaTour has led quantitative and qualitative growth of travel industry by providing better service through directly operated network covering 29 areas globally and with the best experts in travel and maintains top position in customer satisfaction and preference researches.
Furthermore, HanaTour increases productivity and profitability by integrating innovative IT system with travel industry and expands market leadership continuously, and the company was listed in London Securities Exchange (LSE), one of 3 major global securities markets, recognizing transparency and reliability of HanaTour internationally as well as preparing a stepping stone to become a global company.
HanaTour is trying to become the top global culture and tourism group by 2020 by expanding business into production, distribution of cultural products and developing tourism. We will become a company providing the best culture and tourism service in the world by enhancing global competency for human resources and competency in business related with cultural travel.

再者,通過與旅遊業整合創新的IT系統,我們將繼續擴展市場領導地位,服務效率及質素 。另外,為提升國際上的透明度及可靠性,於2006年11月我們已在倫敦證券交易所上市,品質有保障之餘,亦逐步邁向世界性旅行社的目標。

HanaTour is practicing global network through local overseas networks in 23 regions throughout the world and is planning to expand this to 50 regions in future. HanaTour overseas network is responsible for local services for tourists and is becoming the base for global management by acquiring local online contents and seeking outbound businesses.

哈拿多樂旅遊已設下23個主要旅遊地區的直營權及辦事處,將來計畫擴大到50個地區。 透過多國之間全球互聯,為客戶提供更個性化的當地服務。

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旅行社牌照號碼: 353429    地址: 尖沙咀漢口道39-41號麥仕維中心12樓
電話: (852) 2735 - 5502
傳真: (852) 2735 - 5515